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Personal Service Business – A Litmus test

Are you an Incorporated Employee? – You should read this (by Fareed Sheik CPA,CA,) As a practicing CPA I have many clients who are individual self-employed professionals (IT, Engineering, Medical etc) who work on contract basis with some large Corporations. The... read more

Net worth Audit by CRA – A Stress to avoid

If you are a self-employed business person and get a notice from CRA saying that your are being audited for unreported business income, don’t feel that you are alone and don’t panic. CRA has stepped up this so called net worth audit of individuals whose life style or... read more

Management Disclosure and Analysis (MD&A) – Common Pitfalls

It was 30th November and it was the last day to file the Q3 financial statements and MD&A with SEDAR for one of my clients the CFO calls me to fix the MD&A, and I am not surprised about this last minute rush as this is quite common with many of the TSX Venture... read more