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Every company needs a competitive advantage in their tax compliances to minimize their tax liability and to maximize their tax benefits. At Fareed Sheik LLP our priority is to provide our clients with the best of tax planning to reduce their tax liability, maximize their tax benefits and credits by working within the tax framework. Our professionals dive deep in to the tax ocean to get you the best of tax advices which will benefit your organization in the short tem and long term.

We offer a wide array of Corporate Tax Services

  • Preparation, review and filing of annual corporate tax returns
  • Assisting you in the identifying the projects qualifying for the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) credit and benefit.
  • Assisting you in preparing the claim by quantifying and allocating the qualifying costs for the SR&ED project.
  • Helping you in writing the technical report for Scientific Research and Experimental Development claim
  • Advising on tax matters to reduce the federal and provincial tax liabilities
  • Tax planning strategies for deferring tax liability and maximizing the tax benefits and credits
  • Advising on the tax impact of strategic business decisions
  • Assist with CRA audits and negotiate with tax authorities to reduce the tax liability
  • Performing your tax risk assessment by documenting the tax process controls, provisioning process, identifying the tax risks, and recommending tax process improvements