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The Delinquent Girl

Over the last decade and a part, women' involvement within the juvenile justice approach has elevated. but the subject is still under-studied between criminologists. The antisocial lady is a "state-of-the-field" assessment that identifies and analyzes ladies who develop into antisocial, the types of crimes they devote and the explanations they dedicate them.

Crime and the Rise of Modern America: A History from 1865-1941

In Crime and the increase of contemporary the USA, Kristofer Allerfeldt stories the crimes, criminals, and legislations enforcement that contributed to a uniquely American procedure of crime and punishment from the tip of the Civil conflict to the eve of global battle II to appreciate how the rapidly-changing expertise of transportation, media, and incarceration affected the felony underworld.

Cognitive Self Change: How Offenders Experience the World and What We Can Do About It

This ebook attracts at the most up-to-date literature to focus on a primary problem in criminal rehabilitation; it questions the power of latest methods to deal with this problem, and proposes another technique of felony justice that integrates keep an eye on, chance, and autonomy. • offers an up-to-the-minute assessment of the hyperlinks among cognition and legal habit, in addition to therapy and rehabilitation • Engages without delay with the delinquent underpinnings of legal habit, a huge obstacle to remedy and rehabilitation • Outlines a transparent technique for speaking with offenders that is firmly rooted within the “What Works” literature, is evidence-based, and offers a fashion of enticing even the main delinquent of offenders through providing them with significant possibilities to alter • bargains hands-on directions dependent upon the real-life strategies and presentation of the high-risk criminal

Crime Prevention in the 21st Century: Insightful Approaches for Crime Prevention Initiatives

This quantity brings jointly a sequence of unique contributions made via foreign specialists devoted to guiding efforts in fighting crime. the gathering is split into seven sections that conceal innovative ways to crime prevention: 1) the offenders’ viewpoint on crime prevention2) crime script research three) crime mapping and spatial analysis4) social community analysis5) agent-based modelling6) crime-proofing legislation 7) applied sciences of crime preventionEach part contains one theoretical bankruptcy to introduce the examine technique through a sequence of empirical/applied contributions.

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15 Jason Felch and Ralph Frammolino, Chasing Aphrodite: The Hunt for Looted Antiquities at the World’s Richest Museum (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2011) 209 211; Watson and Todeschini (n 14) 206-7. 18 The krater bought by the Metropolitan, though fragmented, was complete, and was considered by Hoving to be too large, even in fragments, to have fit into a hatbox. 19 Hecht had simply taken the provenance and documentation from the Sarrafian/Bunker Hunt krater and attached it to the illegally-excavated and better-preserved Sarpedon krater bought by the Metropolitan.

If these collections are infiltrated by unidentified fakes, their reliability is compromised, and any knowledge obtained through studying or handling them is similarly rendered unreliable. A vicious circle sets in as the knowledge required to distinguish genuine artifacts from fake becomes less dependable, and it becomes easier for fakes to enter the market and collections. Conclusion This chapter has presented by means of four case studies an overview of the problems and issues surrounding the antiquities trade, which confound historical scholarship and offer opportunities for criminal involvement and profit.

It is likely too that from then on customs forms accompanying the krater would have listed Switzerland as its country of origin, and not, as would have been correct, Italy. Once safely out of Italy, and with new documents of provenance disguising its illicit trade, the krater became a legitimate acquisition for the Metropolitan Museum, in its destination country of the USA. 25 Where the Euphronios (Sarpedon) krater might have been exceptional was in the production of a false provenance that was able to withstand reasonably serious scrutiny by the Metropolitan Museum once the New York Times had embarrassed the museum with its allegations of looting and smuggling.

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