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By Eberhard Nieschlag, Hermann M. Behre, Susan Nieschlag

This is often the third, completely revised version of a widely known textbook that keeps to symbolize the premier within the literature on medical andrology. It examines extensive all points of male reproductive health and wellbeing, encompassing the fundamental body structure of male reproductive functionality and quite a lot of problems. all the chapters is written by way of notable specialists within the box. one of the issues lined are: Testicular functionality, sperm maturation and fertilization, diagnostic techniques, infertility, basic and secondary hypogonadism, late-onset hypogonadism, erectile disorder, genetic issues, environmental affects, psychology and sexual drugs, testosterone treatment, assisted replica: TESE and ICSI, cryopreservation, male birth control and ethics in andrology.

This quantity will function a textbook for the newcomer to andrology, whereas delivering the skilled health care professional with a invaluable reference paintings. it's going to entice all who're taken with male reproductive health.

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This event is influenced by plasminogen activators and possibly also by thimet oligopeptidases. This process can be particularly affected by hormonal modifications, temperature and toxins. The reasons for this sensitivity are, however, not yet known. Sperm that are not released are phagocytosed by Sertoli cells. Round and elongated spermatids already contain all the information necessary for fertilization; since introduction of intracytoplasmatic injection of testicular sperm and even round spermatids it has become possible to induce pregnancies successfully (see Chap.

The blood supply of the ME is provided by the superior hypophyseal arteries. The long portal hypophyseal vessels originate from the confluence of capillary loops which supply the anterior pituitary gland with the highest blood flow of any organ in the body. In humans, the perikarya of neurons stained positive for GnRH are especially found in the ventral part of the mediobasal hypothalamus, between the third ventricle and the ME, scattered throughout the periventricular infundibular region. G. F.

GnRH is produced by successive cleavage stages from a longer precursor, called preproGnRH, transported along the axons to the ME and there released into portal blood. Phylogenetically GnRH is a rather ancient hormone, highly conserved among different species with 80% sequence identity between mammals and fish. In the precursor with a length of 92 amino acids, GnRH is preceded by a signal peptide consisting of 24 amino acids, and followed by a stretch of 56 amino acids forming the GnRHassociated peptide (GAP).

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