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In Seismic stratigraphy application to hydrocarbon exploration, Memoir American association of petroleum geologists, vol. 26, ed. E. Payton, 83–97. Visser, W. 1991. Burial and thermal history of Protrozoic source rocks in Oman. Precambrian Research 54: 15–36. B. Zevina, eds. 1969. Fauna and flora, Caspian Sea, 229–255. Moscow: Moscow University. (in Russian) Ziegler, M. 2001. Late permian to holocene paleofacies evolution of the Arabian plate and its hydrocarbon occurrence. GeoArabia 6(3): 445–504.

15 Iron and manganese deposits (Aghanabati and Ghorbani 2011) are situated in Anatolia, and volcanic glass which has been traded throughout West Asia was used for making chipped implements, particularly during the Neolithic era. Other siliceous rocks such as chert and radiolarite have wider distributions and were indispensable materials for making chipped stone implements. I personally had a chance to study radiolarite of the Iranian Zagros Mountains, and have previously reported the general characteristics of siliceous rocks.

1977) whereas those of the Turan Plate are of Pliocene age (Aghanabati 2013). Oil exploration began in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 1871 and has continued ever since, resulting in the drilling of more than 21,000 boreholes in various exploration areas, including the Absheron Peninsula, Caspian continental shelf, and Kura Embayment. 6 billion tons; the gas reserve of the largest accumulation is 1 trillion cubic meters and the total gas reserves are estimated to be 2–7 trillion cubic meters. The ancient Iranians considered fire sacred; they called the burning natural gas springs “Eternal Flames,” and constructed fire temples around them.

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