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By Evanthia Tsitsibakou-Vasalos

The potential for historic Greek poetic etymologizing and its reception in antiquity are analyzed with new interpretive versions. the writer stories poetic etymology in a holistic and integrative demeanour, as a device of thematic and narrative unification. pick out passages from Homer and archaic lyric poetry give you the matrix for etymological styles; their validity is tested in an intertextual learn of the names of Pelops and his relations. This kin shows a constant naming approach: the signifiers and signifieds of its male individuals take place a lexical and semantic affinity; fathers and sons are associated with inherited linguistic and behavioral bonds. Pelops is given a focal place as a result of his preeminence at Olympia and his polyvalent and polysemous identify, within which the ambiguities and polarities of his mythic and cultic identification are embedded.

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1�(jrz�-(jlO�) ? A flavor of the un­ certainty as regards the status of alliteration is offered by Eustathius (ll. 2: 608. u to ... ). Forms such as PelopslPelops, PoseidonlPoseidon denote the mythical individual or his proper name re­ spectively. g. g. pelios, plagios, ios). g. Briare6s, Aegae6n: Alya(oov, cf. the neuter Aegaeon, sc. g. ate, semata, sema, emmetros, orthos, thymoi). g. g. hybris). g. g. Achaeans, aegis, Aegean, Oenomaus); some of these words have found their way into English dictionaries.

Book 5 closes in a ring composition that echoes the name of Alexandrus, the foil of Athena ;UUA){OWVrzt� (908,

1 5 . '] xaL 'tOY JtEQL Y'ii v uYQov aE(Ja. Scholia-D 11. +o(JeXw]. EM4 1 2. 39-46: �6cpo� oif3o� (It. 1 5 . 365, 20. 1 52), obeys the same logic: laoflw and ram� are internally linked with na(w, navw with which IIwav/ IIw�wv is associated (see n.

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