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The background of the traditional close to East within the 12th-10th centuries BCE continues to be an unsolved riddle. now and then the veil is lifted and tiny elements of this complicated puzzle glow in a brand new mild. yet many questions are as but unanswered, and so much info are nonetheless imprecise. however, the large outlines of this age are particularly good agreed by way of so much students: the 3 superpowers Egypt, Hatti and Assyria progressively misplaced their carry and their effect within the zone: first the Hittites, simply after 1200 BCE, and some dozens of years later, Egypt and Assyria. Historians typically concur that once the reign of Tukulti-Ninurta I (1243-1208 BCE), Assyria plunged right into a lengthy decline, progressively wasting its western territories to the Aramaean invaders. (...) The stories awarded during this ebook contact on various features of human actions (political, social, financial, and cultural), and confer with diversified components of the traditional close to East: from Melid and Hanigalbat within the north to Egypt and Kush within the south and from Assyria and Babylonia within the East to the dominion of Taita and (southern) Philistia within the west. They do even though middle commonly at the Bible and the background of historic Israel and its western and japanese buddies, in comparison with different historic close to jap cultures. The papers current an in depth vista of views-from biblical and archaeological views and certainly so much of them have been written from an inter disciplinary perspective.

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Schmid and T. C. ), Les dernières rédactions du Pentateuque, de l’Hexateuque et de l’Ennéateuque (BEThL 203; Leuven, 2007), pp. 225– 253; R. , pp. 199–216; Schmitt, op. cit. (note 1), pp. 157–158. 58 In this context the Edomites are highlighted (cf. Isa 34:5). 59 For an interpretation of the text cf. M. Emmendörfer, Der ferne Gott. Eine Untersuchung der alttestamentlichen Volksklagelieder vor dem Hintergrund der mesopotamischen Literatur (FAT 21; Tübingen, 1998), pp. 147–162; F-L Hossfeld and E.

The Deuteronomistic Ban Theory and the Priestly Redactions of the Pentateuch The priestly scribes of the Second Temple period created the composition of the Hexateuch by combining pre-Deuteronomistic and Priestly accounts on the Fathers and the Exodus with the Deuteronomistic law and the conquest narrative. 50 Even when these texts were combined in a composition extending from Genesis to Joshua, the commandment in Deut 7:2 was not transferred to the texts of the socalled Tetrateuch. However, there are significant parallels to Deut 7:1–5 in the narrative of the renewal of the covenant at Mount Sinai (Ex 34), and in a secondary later attachment to the Covenant Code (Ex 20:22 – 23:19) in Ex 23:20–33 (see the synoptic comparison, below).

As mentioned, it originated in an illicit excavation at this site, which is buried under the modern village of Jatt (Fig. 1). Jatt is situated between the Sharon Plain in the west and the Samaria Hills on the east, 10 km east of the Mediterranean coast and 120m above sea level. The distinctive Middle Bronze Age rampart that shaped the hill on which part of the modern village is situated is clearly visible from almost all sides of the site. Jatt was favorably situated: close to arable land and with a view extending over the Mediterranean coast, the Carmel Ridge and the Samaria Hills, and on a major route from the seaboard to Transjordan.

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