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Astronomical wisdom derived from the floor plan of Stonehenge, which has major implications for the historical past of humanity. confirmed with arithmetic this ebook describes real old wisdom that conflicts with sleek technological know-how yet upholds the Biblical tale of Genesis.

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The musical instruments suggest that there is leisure time, time to sit around and play the harp, and of course if it were possible to make musical instruments and smelt iron, then it would have been equally possible to make a host of other useful items. The scribe only gives us brief morsels of information, but the picture I get is one of an emerging technological civilization. The Bible speaks of a time long ago, long before the stone-age, when there was a civilized race of men, blessed with extreme longevity, who had developed a relatively advanced culture.

I must also acknowledge the work of all those astronomers and mathematicians who measured the orbits of the planets, together with that publication known as ‘Norton’s Star Atlas’. All Biblical quotes are from the King James Authorized Version of the Holy Bible. All alternative meanings of words in the Bible are from Strong’s concordance. Ancient Knowledge Content List of figures Foreword by Jack Lewis Author’s Introduction Part One – In the Beginning Chapter 1 Antediluvians - Antediluvian Civilization Chapter 2 Babel – Is Babel real?

I would now like to move quickly on to Genesis chapter four and beyond. * In Genesis chapter four we leave the protected area of the Garden of Eden and move into the wild, untamed antediluvian world, and we see the start of a civilization. Again there is a slight problem. The scribe gives us a picture of a population that is growing rapidly from just two people. After Cain killed his brother Abel, it suddenly appears that Cain has a wife, and he has children. The scribe does not account for the sudden appearance of females on the scene, but we may assume that he is not telling us everything.

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