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Reinforcements of 73 triremes followed the next year. In the first sea battle the Syracusans manned 76 triremes. Yet in spite of their advantage in numbers and skill, poor leadership meant that the Athenian armada was trapped in the Great Harbour, where their skill could not be exercised. The outcome in 413 BC was to be a total disaster. 70, this reconstruction shows the first impetus of the Athenian attack, which carried them through the Syracusan vessels guarding the boom across the harbour mouth.

Tall, were unable to use their full potential. Another discomfort was the heat and the lack of ventilation in the bowels of the ship. 6 tons) of water in a ten-hour rowing day (Morrison-Coates 2000: 238). The amount of water needed to prevent dehydration caused by sustained exertion can be reduced for some hours if it contains sodium and a food that can be absorbed quickly. Triremes probably carried salt for that purpose, but glucose was not known until modern times. 3). The ancient Athenians, with their lower body mass, were probably made of sterner stuff than their modern counterparts, who are mostly trained for sprint racing.

D: OARSMEN F: The Periplous G: The final sea battle in the Great Harbour at Syracuse, 413 BC Gylippos and the Syracusans trapped the Athenian fleet within the Great Harbour and the besiegers found themselves cut off. This is the entrance to the Great Harbour looking south from Via Eolo, across which the Syracusans slung a boom of chained merchantmen. (Author's collection) A marble bust of Perikles, a 2nd-century Roman copy from Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli. It was under Perikles that Athens would become the greatest maritime empire that the Mediterranean had ever known.

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