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By Judson Knight; Stacy A McConnell; Lawrence W Baker

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If participating in a tlatchli game, remember that in Mesoamerican culture, those who lost were sacrificed; therefore players on both sides should later report to the class how they felt while playing. If simulating an Olympic event, class members should be appointed to write an ode to the winner, and to prepare a laurel crown (using small leafy tree branches, for example) for him or her. • Many ancient peoples were concerned with what happened to a person after they died: the Egyptians and Chinese believed that, with proper preparation, a person would live on the earth; the Hindus believed in reincarnation; the Greeks and Romans believed that most people went to Hades, and a very few good or bad ones went either to the Elysian Fields or Tartarus; and the Christians, of course, accepted the idea of Heaven and Hell.

Workers, usually in team of thirty men, pulled the blocks out onto giant sleds atop rows of logs. With ropes attached to the sleds, they would pull the blocks up long temporary ramps made of mud and brick, which were built on a gentle slope to make it easier to drag stones up them. The ramps were also wide, not only so that there would be plenty of room for the sleds, but also so that there would always be a part of the ramp that could be closed off while it was being raised. The ramp, of course, had to rise with the pyramid.

What people and items would you want to have with you in the next life? Write a list of these, and explain why each is important. • Like Hammurabi, Moses, or the Romans who wrote the “Twelve Tables,” your job is to create a set of laws to govern a nation. Make a list of things identified as crimes, and the punishment you think would be fair; also make a list of activities you would want to encourage, and how the government could do so. Conduct the group like a Greek democracy: all members of the group have an equal vote, though it is advisable that you first elect a leader to direct the discussion.

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