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The Manchurian Myth: Nationalism, Resistance, and Collaboration in Modern China

A strong aspect in twentieth-century chinese language politics has been the parable of chinese language resistance to Japan's seizure of Manchuria in 1931. Investigating the moving alliances of key gamers in that occasion, Rana Mitter lines the improvement of the narrative of resistance to the profession and exhibits the way it turned a part of China's political cognizance, enduring even this present day.

Gender And Story in South India (S U N Y Series in Hindu Studies)

Indian ladies students current and talk about stories approximately ladies, bringing new insights approximately gender and the ethical universe of the people narrative.

Immanence and the Vertigo of Philosophy: From Kant to Deleuze

One of many terminological constants within the philosophical paintings of Gilles Deleuze is the notice 'immanence', and it has for that reason develop into a foothold for these wishing to appreciate precisely what 'Deleuzian philosophy' is. Deleuze's philosophy of immanence is held to be essentially characterized via its competition to all philosophies of 'transcendence'.

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Göttingen. 1789. sm. 8vo. hfcalf. 913 - Grundsätze der Logik und Metaphysik. 1794. 914 - Tittel, G. nach Feders Ordnung. Metaphysik. Frankf. 1784. hfcalf. 915 Felsch, Die Hauptpunkte der Psychologie mit Berücksichtigung der Pädagogik und einiger Verhältnisse des gesellschaftlichen Lebens. Cöthen, 1904. hfcloth. 916 Fanalon, Demonstration de l'existence de Dieu. 1713. sm. 8vo. boards. plus beiles maximes. Paris, 1726. sm. 8vo. calf. ). First edition. 918 - Justifications de la doctrine de Madame de la Mothe-Guion.

Tüb. 1820. 4to. Dc indole psychica generi humano diversos status. Tüb. 1828. 4to. Grundriss der Natur-Philosophie. Tübingen, 1832. hfcalf. j<'irst edition. , Uit de geestenwereid. "Shadowland". N. h. Eng. m. voorw. J. H. Schimmel. Schiedam, 1800. W. portrait and 28 ill. hfcaH. , La philosophie experimentale en Halie. Paris, 1880. 899 - Les origines de la technologie. Paris, 1897. -Out of print. , Deber den Wert der Geschichte der Philosophie . Jena, 1874. 901 - Geschichte und Kritik der Grundbegriffe der Gegenwart.

K. F. A. Schelling. Stuttg. 1856. First edition. 977 - 48 Briefe von Fichte, und seinen Verwandten. Hrsg. von M. Weinhold. Lpz. 1862. W. portrait. Reprint. , Fichte's politische Lehre. 1862. - Weber, Fichte's Sozialismus. 1900. - hfcloth. Bound up with: L. ROTH, Schelling und Spencer, 1901. - M. LEFKOVITS, Staatslehre auf Kantischer Grundlage. - K. TSCHEUSCHNER, Philosophie geschieht!. Voraussetzungen des Energetik. 1901. - and 2 other pieces. 979 - Battin, B. , Das ethische Element in der Ästhetik Fichte's und Schelling's.

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