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By Vina A. Lanzona

Categorized “Amazons” through the nationwide press, girls performed a principal function within the Huk uprising, some of the most major peasant-based revolutions in sleek Philippine background. As spies, organizers, nurses, couriers, infantrymen, or even army commanders, girls labored heavily with males to withstand first eastern profession and later, after WWII, to problem the hot Philippine republic. yet in the course of the uncertainty and violence of uprising, those girls additionally pursued own lives, falling in love, turning into pregnant, and elevating households, frequently with their male comrades-in-arms.     Drawing on interviews with over 100 veterans of the circulate, Vina A. Lanzona explores the Huk uprising from the intimate and collective reviews of its girl individuals, demonstrating how their presence, and the complicated questions of gender, relatives, and sexuality they provoked, finally formed the character of the progressive struggle.  Winner, Kenneth W. Baldridge Prize for the easiest background publication written via a resident of Hawaii, subsidized by way of Brigham younger University–Hawaii

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Even though we were ugly, the Japanese wanted us. But especially when you were still young and pretty, you cannot escape them. 70 Luz del Castillo recalled that her family had to hide in the mountains for nine days because they got word that the Japanese were about to raid their town in Pampanga. 72 For many of the women in Central Luzon the truth of the rumors was irrelevant. Hearing and then telling stories about other people’s experiences with the Japanese justified the fear and hatred they felt toward the colonizers and at the same time allowed them to commiserate with the suffering of other Filipinos.

Rumors of alleged Japanese bestiality committed in the towns through which they passed on their way to Manila gave shivers to women, for it was bruited about that many comely women in the provinces were raped by the Japanese soldiers. 64 As the war progressed rumors became even more central to the everyday lives of Filipinos. The circulation of news regarding enemy activities was aided, in part, by the Japanese government’s efforts to spread propaganda and gain support within Philippine society.

The most useful documents I used are the captured documents of the Politburo (Political Bureau) of the PKP, which have been declassified and are available at the University of the Philippines. Issued as directives to the Huk guerrillas, these documents disclose the movement’s official goals and strategies, but reading them “against the grain” and remaining alert to issues of gender provided revealing glimpses of the sexual and gender culture of the Huk revolutionary movement. 44 Using these oral and written sources, this book not only retells the story of the Huk rebellion but it also provides a historical space for these remarkable Huk women who have almost but not quite passed into historical oblivion.

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