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By Go Tsuyoshi Ito

This e-book analyses the structural dynamics of the Sino-American-Japanese triangular courting by way of exploring how the 1971 Nixon-Kissinger declaration to pursue rapprochement with the People's Republic of China (PRC), within the context of the final detente procedure, essentially altered the US-Japanese courting. It argues that the systematic constitution of diplomacy in East Asia in the course of the detente interval was once comparable in major how you can modern-day post-Cold warfare interval. Highlighting the significance of China to US coverage concepts in the direction of East Asia permits us to supply a extra knowledgeable viewpoint on destiny instructions of the Sino-US-Japanese triangular courting within the twenty-first century.

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Japan relationship. S. Japan relationship. S. l3 In the late 1960's, not only growing number of Americans but also most Japanese people opposed the Vietnam War. S. military bases and facilities. S. -Japan Security Treaty, which was scheduled to expire in 1970. Specifically, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Morton H. Halperin (later NSC staff member in the Nixon administration) and State Department Country Director for Japan Richard E. S. S. interest in an expanded Japanese regional role in East and Southeast Asia.

Stans visited Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong-Kong to discuss their voluntary restraints on textile exports. In his negotiation with MITI Minister Masayoshi Ohira, Stans stressed the importance of the textile industry to the United States, and the social consequences of unemployment there. S. S. industry. S. 56 Despite their differences of opinion, Stans' report after his visit conveyed a rather optimistic view. He expressed a belief that the export re- Copyright 2003 by Taylor & Francis Books, Inc.

Premier Sato was also unsure, during 1969, how much the Japanese government would have to concede over textiles. The two issues were totally separate for Sato as well. In the White House, the two agendas remained separate in early 1969. The NSC discussed a need to reform economic policy toward Japan in January, but no specific agenda was decided. According to Halperin, the NSC gave priority to the maintenance of the security relationship with Japan, downplaying economic issues. The return of Okinawa had been discussed already during the Johnson presidency, while the economic relationship seemed too ambiguous to determine specifically what should be negotiated with the Japanese government.

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