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Trip, Einstein traveled the world. He met with scientists and gave lectures. During a trip to Japan, he learned that he won the Nobel Prize in physics. 41 Einstein Book 9/18/07 3:46 PM Page 42 Einstein demonstrates his formulas on a blackboard during a lecture. 42 Einstein Book 9/18/07 3:46 PM Page 43 He was also awarded membership into all of the leading scientific academies. Meanwhile, trouble was brewing in Germany. The Nazi Party was gaining in popularity. Even as his fame was growing around the world, Einstein’s belief in peace and a unified Europe was not popular at home.

He did permit his brain to be removed during an autopsy. Scientists wanted to discover if there was anything unusual about the brain of a genius. They did find that the part of Einstein’s brain associated with mathematical reasoning, 58 Einstein Book 9/18/07 3:47 PM Page 59 the inferior parietal, was fifteen percent wider on both sides than normal. Albert Einstein was considered to be one of the world’s rare geniuses, as Isaac Newton was in his time. Fame and popularity meant nothing to Einstein.

Einstein in Love: A Scientific Romance. New York: Viking, 2000. S.

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