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By Michael O'Connor

During this most up-to-date addition to the Airfields and Airmen sequence, Mike OConnor describes the dramatic air activities that came about alongside the Belgian and North France sea coast throughout the nice War.In addition to the Royal combating Corps and RAF element this quantity covers the Royal Naval Air carrier (RNAS) and Belgian Air carrier (AMB) in addition to the German Naval Air carrier.

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In order for this not to be intrusive or interrupt the flow of the narrative I have abbreviated where possible. Thus instead of writing, for example, See Airfields and Airmen: Ypres page 147, this has now been reduced to Ypres, page 147. ). The military background to the area After the initial advance of the German army through the area and then the so-called ‘Race to the Sea’, where the opposing forces endeavoured to outflank each other, the military situation settled down to a war of stalemate.

As the wreckage had fallen, the forward gondola, containing Müller, detached and crashed through the convent roof, depositing him on a bed. The explosion of LZ37 had thrown Warneford’s machine upside down but, having regained control, he was forced to land many miles behind enemy lines as his engine had stopped. Inspecting the engine he found a disconnected fuel pipe and after 35 minutes of repair work he was able to restart his engine and take off. Unfortunately, due to fog he was unsure of his position and eventually landed on the beach at Cap Gris Nez.

He was the unit’s only ace. Edmond Thieffry was born at Etterbeck near Brussels on 28 September 1892. Shortly before the war began he qualified as a lawyer. Taken prisoner in the very early part of the war he managed to escape via neutral Holland on a motorbike. After learning to fly at Étampes in the summer of 1915, he was posted to the 5me Escadrille at Houthem (page 86). On 15 March 1917, while flying a Nieuport Scout, he achieved his first official victory when he destroyed a German two-seater.

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