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By P. Bernier, G. Bidan, S. Lefrant

This edited paintings comprises 8 vast, review-type contributions via prime scientists within the box of man-made metals. The authors have been invited by way of the organisers of the overseas convention on technological know-how and expertise of man-made Metals '98 (ICSM'98) to study the development of study long ago 20 years in a unifying and pedagogical demeanour. the current paintings highlights the state of the art of the sector and assesses the clients for destiny examine.

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This process is readily amenable to the synthesis of the related oligomers and polymers 87 (scheme 19b) [123]. From the structural point of view, PPV can be regarded as a hybrid structure of poly(para-phenylene) and polyacetylene, whereby the formal combination of PPP and acetylene leads to another important structure, the poly(paraphenyleneethynylene) (PPE). The controlled synthesis of PPE 18 is motivated by the need for w-conjugated rod-like oligomers and polymers in the construction of nanoarchitectures such as molecular wires [18].

In the last I Chart 17 Possible structural defects of oxidatively polymerized poly(pyrrole). g, H202, FeCl3, DDQ, CuCI-AICI3/02 21 Scheme 26 Oxidativepolymerization of pyrrole. few years investigations have been focused mainly on the improvement of the conductivity and the processability of PPy. From this intensive research it has been found that the polymer conductivity is a function of monomer:oxidant ratio, solvent, concentration, and reaction time and temperature [ 160]. Among the transition metal oxidants, ferric salts are the most commonly used reagents for the synthesis of highly conductive PPys.

When treating haloaromatic compounds with magnesium metal in the presence of transition metals as catalysts [80] the yellow PPP-material formed is superior to the black product obtained by oxidative coupling, but also possesses relatively low molecular weight (scheme 7 (3)). To achieve higher molecular weight it was unavoidable to improve the solubility by introducing functionalized starting compounds that carry additional solubilizing alkyl chains [81]. Clearly, monoalkyl dihalobenzenes cause a regioselectivity problem, which can be avoided by using the corresponding 2,5-dialkyl compounds 6.

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