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Harrell makes use of a number of waves of the nationwide early life Survey to degree no matter if Agnew s common pressure thought (GST) may perhaps clarify the connection among adolescent victimization and delinquency. She examines the results of victimization on varieties of delinquency throughout racial and gender teams. the most premise of the GST, that elevated pressure in anyone can result in elevated antisocial habit, is supported right here. Adolescent victimization, as a resource of pressure, raises antisocial habit. notwithstanding, the influence of adolescent victimization delinquency did differ throughout racial and gender teams.

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1987) examined inner-city adolescents to see if victimization played a role in participating in illegal behavior as adolescents. They found that of the males who had reported being victimized at least once during the past 12 months; almost 60% reported committing at least one delinquent act during the same time 26 Adolescent Victimization and Delinquent Behavior period. Of the females who had been victimized in the previous year, 45% reported they had participated in delinquency at least once in the previous year.

This page intentionally left blank CHAPTER 4 The National Youth Survey and Growth Curve Modeling DATA The data used in the present study came from the National Youth Survey (NYS). 3 The goal of the survey is to examine changing attitudes, beliefs and behaviors about topics such as career goals, involvement with community and family, attitudes about violence, drugs, and social values in a portion of the American population (Elliott et al. 1988). 4 The National Youth Survey has been sponsored by several government agencies over the life of the study.

In looking at gender differences in the victimization/drug use relationship, a few researchers have compared models for males and females. However, like research on the effect of victimization on violent offending, the exact nature of the gender difference has not been clearly established in the literature. Harrison et al. (1989) found that victimized males used inhalants more than nonvictimized males. However, there was no difference for females. Also, Dembo et al. (2000) did find that their model of abuse predicting drug use fit better for males than females.

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