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By Richard Mesic Thomas Hamilton, RAND

Uncomplicated video game idea is used to narrate U.S. Air strength operations to their likey results on enemy habit.

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In this case, we consider engagements between one SAM and one replaceable aircraft. If the SAM is killed, it is not present in subsequent engagements, shifting the value of those engagements in Blue’s favor. So the value of the SAM is higher for earlier engagements, changing the optimal strategies. Second from last engagement Next to last engagement SAM not killed –a b c’’ 0 –a b c’ 0 SAM killed Last engagement –a b c 0 b 0 value = cb/(a + b + c) value = b b In solving the next to last engagement, SAM value is greater than in last engagement, here c’ instead of c 0 b 0 47 0403 R The essence of dynamic programming is to start by considering the situation at the end of the conflict.

Bracken, M. Kress, and R. E. ), Warfare Modeling, Wiley, New York, 1995. 44 attrition. We have developed this concept as a description of some SEAD campaigns, but the same mathematics can describe a terrorist campaign. The point is that by following an optimal strategy, the weaker power can construct a situation in which neither power can profitably bring to bear additional forces. The weaker power will control its own attrition, limiting it to the optimum. 45 Multi-Engagement with Limited SAMs Consider the case in which Red does not have enough SAMs to sustain optimal attrition for the duration of the campaign.

S. casualties are likely to be a serious consideration in future conflicts. We start by considering the result of an engagement in which both sides follow the optimum strategy. Following the optimum strategy produces a certain level of Red loss. The question is whether Red can sustain the optimum level of loss throughout the conflict. The concept of optimum Red loss is not obvious. For any set of value judgments about the value of military resources, there are, from game theory, optimal strategies for both Red and Blue.

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