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By Dhanasekharan Natarajan

This booklet offers the appliance of microwave literature for designing lumped/semi-lumped filters and combline/iris-coupled microwave hollow space filters. It offers the actual knowing of the phrases and features of radio frequency (RF) filters. The publication enhances engineering textual content books on RF elements and gives help for the venture assignments of scholars. as well as the useful layout of RF filters, the built-in layout technique for produceability and reliability is explained.

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1. Repeatability refers to verifying the compliance of electrical performance of filters for many (five or more) times by one operator. 2. Reproducibility refers to verifying the compliance of electrical performance of filters by many (five or more) operators. 3. Produceability refers to the ease of manufacturing the filters. D.

10 log (Pi) is set to zero for convenience. If a filter or any other RF component is inserted between the two ports, it displays the reduction in power level caused by the RF component in dB from the initial reference power level. The reduction in power level is the insertion loss of the component and it is displayed in dB with a negative sign. For example, if Pi = 10 dB (10 mW) is applied to the detector port, it is set to zero by subtracting 10 dB. e. 46 dB, which is the insertion of the filter.

The frequency at which it becomes 3 dB is called cut-off frequency. Very few customers indicate cut-off frequency by specifying 3 dB band width. An example could be given for a band pass filter. fo; Centrefrequency : 1; 000 MHz PassBand : ðfo Æ 40Þ MHz 3dBBandwidth : 250 MHz min The cut-off frequencies of the band pass filter are calculated and they are shown in Fig. 5, expanding the pass band of the filter. Lower cutÀoff frequency ¼ ðfo À 125Þ ¼ 875 MHz Upper cut- off frequency ¼ ðfo þ 125Þ ¼ 1125 MHz Pass band needs to be extended for satisfying 3 dB bandwidth.

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