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The rebuff is perhaps yet more stinging because three-quarters of the male interviewees were actually recruited, actively sought out in Barbados by British government officials, and financially assisted with the costs of passage to the United Kingdom where they were to work with London Transport and British Railways. Clearly in some manner they were wanted. , unsocial hours]. We'd just sit in watching TV. . You got rudeness. One morning very soon after we got here [1961] we walked into the room at the garage, they were all sitting around off duty, looking straight at us, the three of us.

Phenotypic) differences, which the previously cited Daily Telegraph editorial directly implied, is in fact vastly misleading if one is speaking of Afro-Caribbean people. And of all the formerly British Caribbean islands, none is more British than Barbados. Both Barbadians and non-Barbadian West Indians will tell you this, though likely with rather different imputations: the Barbadians with pride and satisfaction, the others with mirth and exasperation. "Bimshire" was the nickname a British planter long ago gave to Barbados, because it seemed in some ways so like just another English county.

Certainly I am involved with these persons, and it is I who am writing the report, so that's one reason why there's been quite a bit of me in this first chapter. More importantly, however, I assert again that their experience is not 26 Transatlantic Homes some curious, freakish one, but one in which we all partake, myself included. The dissection of some of the features of my own life is meant to illustrate this point more vividly—I certainly did not embark upon this study with any navel-contemplating intent, but found the interviewees' lives, as it were, insisting upon some increased measure of self-awareness from me.

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