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In addition, there were optometric eye muscle exercises (Getman, 1965) and an assortment of perceptual-motor tasks (Kephart, 1960), all designed to “reset” the physiological foundations of learning. The idea that seems to be at the base of these treatments is that the child can be changed somehow through the treatment of choice and become conformed to behavioral and academic expectations. On the other hand, the idea that seems to have been popularized from the work of Strauss and Lehtinen (1947) and Cruickshank, Bentzen, Ratzeburg, and Tannhauser (1961) is that the environment must somehow be adapted to the neurological deficiencies of the child.

14 A Human Development View of Learning Disabilities developmental motor aphasia seemed to understand the spoken word, but were slow in the development of speech. Coincidentally, they were late in developing a preference for either hand. Stuttering was sometimes a by-product. Developmental Apraxia (Abnormal Clumsiness). In this condition, the child was incapable of carrying out any complex movement of hand, foot, or body, with a lack of skill on both sides. It appeared to Orton that the child was neither right-sided nor left-sided and therefore was doubly handicapped.

The issue for several years has been the advisability of mainstreaming—that is, the notion that learning disabled children should be educated alongside normal children to the greatest degree possible. Some attempts to encourage mainstreaming were made through federally-funded “Deans’ Grants,” which were federal grants awarded to schools of education in universities and colleges. It was thought that, with increased awareness and knowledge, education professors would incorporate information about teaching children with disabilities into pre-service teacher training programs.

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