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The 91st Infantry department was once a countrywide military department created ahead of international battle I. dependent at Camp Lewis, Washington, it was once composed of draftees from the northwestern usa. Following a teach up that lasted lower than twelve months, this department departed for Europe in June 1918. In France, the 91st department performed extra education, however the AEF driven it to front strains prior to it was once accomplished. In its first strive against event, the 91st department fought at the entrance strains of the Meuse-Argonne. within the first days of this conflict, the 91st department, even if green, received extra flooring than the other American department. despite the fact that, it paid a heavy cost by way of American lives. The AEF accordingly assigned the department to paintings below French command within the conflict of Ypres-Lys in Belgium. This thesis examines the department leadership's skill to execute necessary...

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By the end of its first test in the Meuse-Argonne, the division still experienced difficulties maintaining command and control of its personnel and executing combined missions with artillery; but the ability of the division’s leaders to maintain a necessary high level of morale, while developing tactics centered around the use of the machine gun, would greatly assist the division throughout the battle. jpg (accessed 19 May 2013). In order to properly analyze the division’s operations, a brief narrative of the events in the Meuse-Argonne offensive is required.

Third, after the division had secured Epinonville-on the third attempt-an impending corps artillery barrage targeting the road connecting the two towns caused the division to retreat and give up the day’s gains. Following the war, Johnston wrote a letter to Pershing disagreeing with the AEF commander’s description of events of 27 September. ” Johnston emphatically disagreed. According to Johnston, the division leadership did not have the time to stop the barrage, or protest the withdrawal order with corps.

The troop levy had a significant impact on maintaining continuity of personnel within the units, but other factors contributed to the manning issues that the 91st experienced throughout its training period and subsequent movement to Europe. Individual units began to move personnel around to match jobs with skill sets. Additionally, many men left their units due to disease or sickness that prevented deployment. The division was transferring men as late as the morning of departure from Camp Lewis.

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