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The 856 projected samples subjected to the first test rendered a 91-percent (776 samples) acceptance. The remaining 9 percent (80 samples) failed, costing $5,280. The first-test failures were submitted to the second test, in which 52 percent (41 samples) were accepted. The balance (48 percent, 39 samples) of the samples also failed the second test at a cost of $4,563 or a total cost for first- and second-test failure of $9,843. Table Explanation First-Test Failures Second-Test Failures Testing Agency Number of Samples Tested Number Percent Cost ($) Number Percent Cost ($) Total Failure Cost ($) Off site On site 856 856a 723 80 84 9 107,727 5,280 144 39 20 48 38,304 4,563 146,031 9,843 a Projected on the basis of current year-to-date testing.

At a minimum, there should be a divider between the heads and the body of the table (perhaps a double line). Additional horizontal lines (rules) are needed after (and, preferably, before) spanners. A very long table should be divided by horizontal rules, perhaps every five or ten rows; an additional line of space may be used instead. A rule at the bottom of the table helps to separate it from text. Vertical rules are optional; they help to divide columns of data, especially very narrow columns.

In tables, are the stubs and headers complete, correct, succinct, accurate? Are the entries correct, legible? Equations need to be checked, rechecked, and then rechecked again, especially if they have been entered by clerical personnel. This check is best done by the professional who was originally responsible for inserting the equation. NONPRINT DOCUMENTS These editing precautions are especially important in the case of audiovisual aids (overhead projections, slides) shown with oral presentations.

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