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Necessary for hand knitters, this publication offers four hundred knitting styles in either written and chart shape. It covers quite a few styles corresponding to knit-and-purl sew styles, cable and aran styles, lacy styles, ribs and two-colour styles. It additionally features a innovations part which provides directions within the fundamentals of this well known craft.

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Work 1 row in seed stitch. P2tog, pull yarn through and cut off. ** Shape left ear With RS facing, rejoin yarn and work to end in seed stitch. Next row Patt2tog, patt to end. 7 sts. Work two rows, then repeat from ** to **. Gusset Cast on 2 sts. Work 4 rows in k1, p1 seed stitch. Next row *** Inc 1, patt to end. 3 sts. Work a further 10 rows in seed stitch*** Repeat from *** to *** 3 times more. 6 sts. Next row Inc 1 st at beg of next row (7 sts) and then work 41 rows in seed stitch without shaping.

Next row Cast on 28 sts. Next row K8, turn, purl to end. Next row K14, turn, purl to end. Next row K20, turn, purl to end. 106 sts. Now work 4 rows st st with no shaping. Row 1 K27, k2togtbl, k48, k2tog, k27. 104 sts. Work 3 rows st st. Row 5 K26, k3togtbl, k46, k3tog, k26. 100 sts. Purl next row and all even rows until row 28. Row 7 K25, k3togtbl, k44, k3tog, k25. 96 sts. Row 9 K24, k3togtbl, k42, k3tog, k24. 92 sts. Row 11 K23, k3togtbl, k19, k2tog, k19, k3tog, k23. 87 sts. Row 13 K22, k3togtbl, k37, k3tog, k22.

M ak es it p The kitty backpack is made in three pieces: the front and back are identical, er fe and are knitted from the bottom (the cat’s ‘chin’) up. The gusset of the bag, ct fo r ite ms d esigned for s tro k i ng li k e a pe t. 50 which gives it some depth and storage capacity, is made separately and stitched into place. The pyjama case doesn’t need such depth, so is made without the gusset. 5 mm) needles notions Darning needle Scissors for backpack: 3 buttons for eyes and nose 2 buckles for straps 60in (150cm) of ribbon to fit buckle width Contrast yarn for mouth and tongue Button or toggle for closure Piece of fabric 20in by 20in (50cm by 50cm) for lining (optional) Wadding for ears (optional) for pyjama case: 2 buttons for eyes Yarn oddments for mane and embroidery Snapper or button for opening (optional) size pattern Front and back (make 2) Cast on 15 sts.

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