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Aimed in the direction of somebody bored with spending numerous hours education with weights and doing aerobic and with out seeing extra profits, a hundred and one High-Intensity exercises for quick effects presents a life of exercises that regularly bring up lean muscles and decrease physique fats utilizing scientifically confirmed tools of brief, high-intensity bouts of teaching.

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WEEKS 1–4 WEEKS 5–8 WEEKS 9–12 DAY 1 DAY 1 DAY 1 Compulsory: Dip/Pull-Up* (10RM) Optional: Hammer Curl/Lying Triceps Extension (20RM) Compulsory: Front Squat/ Seated Cable Row (10RM) Optional: Standing Calf Raise/ Barbell Shrug (20RM) Compulsory: Chin/Front Squat (6RM) Optional: Hammer Curl/ Standing Calf Raise (16RM) DAY 2 DAY 2 DAY 2 Compulsory: Front Squat/ Barbell Push Press (10RM) Optional: Back Extension/ Hanging Leg Raise (20RM) Compulsory: Dumbbell Bench Press/Hammer Curl (10RM) Optional: Lying Triceps Extension/Reverse Curl (20RM) DAY 3 DAY 3 Compulsory: Dumbbell Overhead Press/Seated Cable Row (10RM) Optional: Reverse Curl/ Cable Crunch (16RM) Compulsory: Incline Dumbbell Press/Seated Cable Row (10RM) Optional: Barbell Curl/ Pushdown (20RM) Compulsory: Deadlift/ Chin (10RM) Optional: Exercise-Ball Crunch/ Lateral Raise (20RM) DAY 4 DAY 4 Compulsory: Deadlift/ Dumbbell Front Raise (10RM) Optional: Step-Up (right leg)/ Step-Up (left leg) (20RM) Compulsory: Dip/Barbell Curl (10RM) Optional: Back Extension/ Push-Up (20RM) DAY 3 Compulsory: Dumbbell Bench Press/Squat (10RM) Optional: Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension/Barbell Shrug (16RM) DAY 4 Compulsory: Pull-Up/Push-Up (8RM) Optional: Lunge (right leg)/ Lunge (left leg) (12RM) * If you can do more than 10 reps of dips or pull-ups, add weight; if you can’t do 10 dips or pull-ups, use an assisted dip/pull-up machine.

Doing a set that lasts 20–30 seconds, then taking a 1–2-minute breather before another half-minute set? No more. Gone. Sayonara. Well, at least for now. Your sets and rest periods are about to flip, and you’ll be lifting for twice as long as you break. Here’s what’s in store: Short rest periods and highrep sets performed at such an intensity that you’ll use roughly half your normal weight. You’ll burn bodyfat, your muscles will grow, you’ll get an aerobic workout, and you’ll increase strength and power.

Anecdotally, many bodybuilders report that this slow-mo subsides around the eighth set and you may once again find your groove near the finish line. >> Rest right. Although the technique is intense and you can expect to lean up a bit from it, be sure to get in the proper rest between sets to maximize recuperation. In this program, that’s usually 1–2 minutes. It may be tempting to decrease the rest periods and chase the pump — you’ll be sporting hoselike vascularity after a few runs through this type of training — but don’t give into the temptation.

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